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  • Dr. Gregory Giasson DC, MSACN, MS

Exercises For Core Stability

The best way to prevent lower back injuries is to make sure that you have a stable set of core muscles. Here are some great exercises to get you started:

Cat-Camel (Angry Cat Stretch):

Get down on your hands and knees. You will need to correlate your breathing with the movements. As you inhale deeply arch your back upwards, tighten your stomach and lower your head so you see your knees. Hold this for a few seconds. As you exhale reverse the curve of your back by pushing your belly towards the floor and bring your head up to look in front of you. Exhale completely and hold for a few seconds. Repeat this motion 10 times. This stretch also accomplishes something called “nerve flossing” and helps establishes proper regional motion.


Again, start on your hands and knees. This time you want to extend one arm and the opposite leg ahead and behind you, respectively. In this position brace your abdominal muscles, but continue to breathe. Hold this position for a 5-8 seconds then switch sides and repeat. The goal is not to hold this position for long periods of time, but to increase your endurance with more repetitions. So, start with 5 repetitions on each side and increase it as necessary.


Start by lying on your side and then prop yourself up onto your forearm so you create a triangle between your knees, the floor and your forearm. To increase difficulty make the triangle with your feet rather than your knees. Tighten your abdomen, continue to breathe and hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and switch sides. Repeat this 5 times on each side and increase the repetitions as you become more fit.

Feeling mild discomfort during these motions is okay, but you should never feel pain or have the discomfort linger. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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