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  • Akshata Nayak MSACN, MS

Exercising During Vacation

More often than not, surrounded by many wonderful distractions, we tend to lose track of our exercise routine when we travel. It might be difficult to follow the same workout as usual since you are away from all your exercise paraphernalia, but there are definitely some simpler routines you can fit into a 5 or 10 minute slot every morning. Do these for 30s each and follow through with at least one or more sets depending on the time you have. Don’t forget to warm up before and cool down after the routine.


Start out with your toes, body and forearms on the ground. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Raise yourself up by contracting your core abdominal muscles and make sure that your forearms form a 90 degree angle with your shoulders right above your elbows. Keep your abdominals engaged the whole time and maintain this position. ​​

High Knees:

Stand straight with your feet apart and arms hanging on your sides. Run on the spot and pull your knees up as high as possible. You can tilt your lower pelvis forward and lean back a bit to help your raise your legs to at least hip height. Your arms should follow the running motion along with the legs.


Get into plank position but make sure you are steady on the balls of your feet. Raise yourself on to your hands placed a little wider than shoulder width apart with your arms straight. Slowly lower yourself by bending at the elbows until your chest almost touches the ground and then work your way back to the starting position. Keep your back straight and core engaged the whole time.

Squat Punches:

Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width. Slowly lower yourself down while bending at the knees and move your hips backward so you are in a light squat. Engage your core, hold this position and punch the air in front of you alternating your hands.

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