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  • Dr. Greg Giasson DC, MSACN, MS

Proper Lifting Techniques

Here are some additional tips to help prevent a lifting or carrying injury.

Overhead Objects:

When taking down an object positioned above your head make sure you are close to the object with one leg straight and one leg back. As you pull the object down shift your weight on to the leg behind you and slowly bring the object down close to your body. Be certain the item is not too heavy and have a good hold on it. Use a ladder or step stool if it is not within easy reach.

Lifting Objects From The Floor:

When taking an object from the floor, get down on one knee, bring the item close to your abdomen using your knee as a ramp. Remember to keep your back straight, get a stable grip and stand up. If the object is awkward or difficult to lift in one motion, move it up in stages with the help of other objects around you.

The Car Trunk:

Maintain the curve of your low back when placing items into your trunk. Use your knees against the bumper for stability or place a bended knee on top of the bumper to enhance your reach. Try to keep the item close to your body when placing it in or taking it out of the trunk—slide it as needed when it is not being held. Lifting a leg behind you can help with stability when reaching deep into the trunk.

Carrying Objects:

Keep the item close to your center of mass as possible. If it feels heavy or difficult to hold while moving it, stop and put it down to get a better grip and start again.

Picking Up From The Floor:

The one thing we all do every day is to pick up something from the floor. When done properly it can save you a lot of future back trouble and help strengthen your legs. To do this, bend at the hips and knees keeping your feet shoulder width apart—essentially doing a squat.

For most people it takes time to make these changes, but with a little effort these modifications can become the new standard. It may also take some work to strengthen your core, back and legs to get use to it.

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