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  • Akshata Nayak, MSACN, MS

Quick Morning Routine

Follow each exercise for 30s and repeat as many sets of the entire routine as possible in the morning. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

Jump Rope: If you don’t have a jump rope at home, you can pretend to skip rope. Stand up straight with your feet together and arms on your sides. Raise your arms, bending at the elbow and form loose fists with your hands as if you are holding the ends of the jump rope. Jump up about 1-2 inches from the ground and land only on the balls of your feet before jumping again. Hold your elbows close to your body and tucked back while you make circles with your forearms.

Plank: Start on elbows and knees, locking hands together. Straighten legs and raise your body so that you’re supported by the balls of your feet, with feet hip-distance apart. Face the floor, being careful not to arch your back or stick your bottom in the air.

Jumping Jack: Stand up straight with feet together and arms on your side. Jump and land with your feet slightly wider than your hips while simultaneously raising your arms above your head and meeting in the center. Return to start position. Make sure you extend your arms all the way up.

Squat Box: Stand with your feet wider than your hip width and arms on the side. Squat down by pushing your hips and butt back so that your knees are not bending over your toes. You should feel more pressure in your heels than toes. Hold that static squat while you box a target in front of you, alternating your arms. Make sure you are not leaning forward and squat deeper as you get better at it.

Ab hold: Sit down, with your back upright, on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Keep your arms on either side of your hips with the palm on the ground and fingers spread open. Press your hands into the floor, contract your abdominal muscles and try to raise your butt off the ground without bending forward or changing the position of your arms. Hold for 5s and return to original position. Repeat for 30s.

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