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First Visit


The initial visit usually takes up to 60 minutes and is composed of the following components:


REGISTRATION: You will be asked to fill out the necessary forms before meeting with your nutritionist. Our forms are available online or can also be obtained from our office. It is useful to get the paperwork to us at least one day in advance of your appointment; this gives us more time to review the paperwork and reduce the time you spend waiting in the office.


HISTORY: After you complete the initial registration process, we will begin to discuss your health concerns and past history.


PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: We will conduct a number of measurements and test for specific functional abnormalities which will help us narrow down our diagnosis and track your progress in future visits.


TREATMENT PLANNING: After collecting data and gathering the history we will discuss the details of our diagnosis and develop a plan to help you obtain your goals and get back on track again. After your initial visit, we will write a summary of our meeting and send it to you via email or to your home address as requested.



Services Offered


INDIVIDUALIZED COUNSELING: We work as a team with the patient to provide the best care possible. This requires one-on-one interactions with the patients to address any questions or concerns and to explain how we can help.


PERSONALIZED NUTRITIONAL INTERVENTIONS: We do not believe in the 'one size fits all' philosophy to health care. Every patient that comes to our office presents a unique case and because of this our interventions are tailored to your individualized needs.


CUSTOM FOOD PLANNING: It is often difficult to change dietary habits, especially in the case of food sensitivities and allergies. We will work with you to make these changes easier by providing detailed instructions of the nutritional and food changes we suggest.


RECIPE AND SHOPPING GUIDES: It is never easy to let go of certain comfort foods or to navigate a grocery store when your diet has changed. Knowing this, we will provide the guidance you need. If there are certain dishes that you miss but can’t enjoy because of dietary restrictions, just let us know. Together we can work on a modified recipe to help you out.


HIGH QUALITY NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: With supplements industry exploding to a $46+ billion dollar behemoth it is becoming increasingly difficult to find effective and useful supplements. We offer a series of top quality supplements from sources that have proven themselves via stringent research and our years of experience with them.





Applied Clinical Nutrition focuses on your past and present health status to pinpoint problems with digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients. It isn’t only about the food you eat; Applied Clinical Nutrition gives equal importance to how food interacts with your physiology and its consequences. We truly believe in biochemical individuality and that cookie-cutter plans are not suited to all. The information we obtain from you unveils a larger picture of your health and where you are headed, allowing us to intervene with customized treatment plans.

First Visit
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