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Here is what our patients say about Alternative Roots Wellness Center



"My entire chiropractic experience with Dr. Giasson has been wonderful.  He made me feel completely comfortable, answered all of my questions (I had so many questions!), and effectively treated my conditions.   Most importantly, he was able to recommend methods that I could use on my own to prevent future problems.  He is extremely knowledgeable on a vast range of subjects and has a genuine interest in the well-being of his patients.  I can't recommend his services highly enough."


- Otis C. from Essex, VT



"I approached Alternative Roots Wellness in October 2013 with an acute case of Hypothyroidism. I was well on my way on a  life long medication which was advised by more than one endocrinologists. On a friend's recommendation, I got in touch with Akshata at Alternate Root Wellness, and I can say that it has been the best decision of my life.


The approach is what impressed me the most which was one of self awareness. I was patiently and meticulously taken through how and why my body reacts the way it reacts to various food types, exercise patterns and even mental state. This has helped me be far more at peace with myself and helped adjust easily to a new lifestyle with just a few minor tweaks to what i was doing wrong.


The results :  My Thyroid is in control without any medication, I feel much more energetic and can handle stress much better, The 10Kg weight loss however has just been incidental.


5 Stars to the team." 


- Karan R., Bangalore, India



"I went to a lecture at Healthy Living in 2011 given by Akshata Nayak and Greg Giasson. They were so educated and down to earth that I made an appointment to see Akshata for help with my cooking/eating habits. I have also been working with Greg for chiropractic adjustments, stretching exercises and advice on supplements. Over the last three years I have eliminated all but three supplements and just about never take any OTC pain relievers. I feel very grateful that I met them. They are very easy to talk with and honestly care about their patients. " 


- Kathy B. from Essex, VT



"Greg is an excellent chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. He meets you where you are and wants to make sure that you feel comfortable with each step of the treatment.  I appreciate the fact that he explains what he is doing, because that helps me to feel more in control of my health. Greg was also great with my teenage son."


- Courtney R. from South Burlington, VT



"There are not enough great things to say about Alternative Roots. For several years, I knew something was wrong with the way I was feeling. After stumping several doctors and specialists, I met Akshata. She put me on a path to wellness and, after only a few visits, I was feeling like a more vibrant, energetic, whole person without surgery or prescriptive medicine. I highly recommend this wellness center."


- Heather A. from South Burlington, VT



"Greg at Alternative Roots Wellness is an amazing chiropractor.  He's kind, friendly and very knowledgeable on all wellness related issues.  He's always willing to answer questions, even ones I come up with after my session is over.  He's encouraging and genuinely cares about the health and well-being of his clients.  I'm always happy going to see him, even though that usually means I've done something to cause myself pain.  I know he'll fix me right up. For me this is like going to the spa, I feel amazing and rejuvenated."


- Shantida L. from Burlington, VT



"I've been to several chiropractors over the last 20 years and although athletic I continued to struggle with injuries and maintaining a healthy weight. After I followed several friends' advice and switched to Dr. Giasson's practice I became aware of what a difference a chiropractor can make not only in maintaing health but in restoring it and preventing future problems. I lost weight, I've been injury free for 6 months and I would never see anyone else again!"


- Beth N. from Essex Junction, VT


"For me, it’s all about results. I have seen and worked with many chiropractors and have gotten inconsistent results. The difference in my experience since seeing Greg at Alternative Roots for the last year and a half is that, without exception I have felt better after EVERY visit. I very much appreciate his approach that goes beyond the “media model” of health and supports sustaining wellbeing through common sense and simplicity."


- Robyn Y. from Winooski, VT



"The best chiropractor in town! Dr. Giasson is knowledgeable, he explains everything so you are not caught by surprise. He is gentle and most important, he won't keep you coming to visit unless you need it. I have recommended him to all my friends. Like I said, the BEST chiropractor in town!"


- Ligia H. from Essex, VT

"I have battled with high blood pressure off and on for a decade. Traditional prescription medications to control it, coupled with a long round of infertility treatments, had left my hormonal balances off kilter and kept me reeling with a host of physical symptoms from insomnia to anxiety, aches and pains to gastrointestinal issues.  Looking for ways to heal my body and manage my blood pressure naturally as I entered menopause, I discovered Alternative Roots Wellness through my employer’s wellness program where Akshata was giving a presentation on nutritional support for balanced living.  I set up an appointment and began working with Akshata to identify my symptoms and use nutrition, targeted supplements and exercise to bring back my body’s ability to help balance itself.  The journey has been amazing.  She is an incredible resource and has been thorough in her assessments and consistent in her follow up. Akshata does it all with humor, grace and genuine care for the overall well-being of her clients. I recommend Alternative Roots Wellness to friends and co-workers looking for natural solutions to the wear and tear of daily living and chronic conditions through the simplicity of healthy, balanced nutrition and exercise."

Adriana B. from Waterbury Center, VT

"I appreciate you [Greg] taking the time to talk to me, asking questions, thinking along, coming up with your thoughts on the matter, etc. I honestly felt helped more when visiting you than in my original doctors visit earlier this month. You can verify with Amber that I don't hand out compliments or give recommendations quickly but in your case it is very well deserved. You constantly prove yourself extremely knowledgeable and caring which is very much valued by both Amber and myself."

Ron V. from Colchester, VT

"I recommend Greg and Akshata to all of my friends and family. I go for an adjustment two or three times a year. Anytime I have a health question I check with Greg. He works with me and my primary care physician. I have learned so much about taking care of myself from Greg and Akshata. They are both very smart and caring people."

Kathy B. from Essex, VT

"I can’t say enough good things about Alternative Roots Wellness Center! Both Akshata and Greg are easy to talk to and really know nutrition. I especially love working with Akshata and her emphasis on regulating hormones which then helps the body to naturally do what it needs to do for optimal health. For anyone experiencing menopausal changes this could benefit you greatly. My weight is no longer going up, the hot flashes are minimal and I’ve been sleeping like my normal self again. Thank you so much Akshata and Greg!"

Kris G. from Essex Junction, VT

"I've been seeing Greg for about 6 months now, and I couldn't be happier with my level of care. Greg is always quick to fit me in when I need an adjustment, and takes the time to give me thoughtful tips on how to stay active and keep injuries at bay. I'll never go to another chiropractor, so long as Alternative Roots is around!"

- Jenna C. from Essex Junction, VT

"Driving and having your neck lock is terrifying! Greg fixed me up immediately and gave me stretches to help prevent it from happening again. He and Akshata are a great pair to help you stay on track with your health goals! They're wonderful to work with!"

Meaghan C. from South Burlington, VT

"Greg is absolutely wonderful! He will make sure you get exactly the treatment you need and he will take the time to be sure you're on track for healthy living. Highly recommend!"

Meaghan C. from South Burlington, VT

"My wife has been working with Akshata over the last two years with nutritional support and advice to help support her in discovering alternative options for controlling her high blood pressure and reducing anxiety through diet and exercise. Akshata has been an amazing resource of information, thorough in her assessments and consistent in her follow up. She does it all with humor, grace and genuine care. Greg assisted her in allergy assessment and they work well as a team. My wife recommends Akshata to co-workers and friends who are looking for simple and natural nutritional support and solutions to the wear and tear of daily living and chronic conditions. We appreciate their monthly newsletter tips and enjoy the recipes. I even joined my wife in a 10 day nutritional detox and though I wasn't looking forward to it, would recommend it to others and even be willing to give up coffee to do it again!"

Scott B. from Waterbury Center, VT

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